All Star Golf Tour Memberships
Earn cash winnings playing golf
  • Single-round event 1st place prizes of $1,250+
  • Multi-round event 1st place prizes of $5,000+
  • Annual National Championship event 1st place prize of $10,000+
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Become an All Star Golf Tour member

As an All Star Golf Tour member, you have access to a fair and equitable tournament format, where you can compete for large prize money at top courses throughout the country.

All Star Golf Tour pays up to the top 33 percent of finishers in each event. You may compete as a member professional or non-member guest for actual cash prizes or as an amateur for up to $750 in prize-valued script.

Numerous optional games such as gross skins, net skins and day money pots increase your opportunity to win cash. You can even compete in multiple divisions and pull in cash from multiple prize pools on the same day.

For more information about becoming a member, fill out the form above or call 800-655-1594.

* Some minimum field requirements may apply.